10 symptoms that manifest when you’re trying to grow sales before achieving product/market fit

  1. The prospect displays a lukewarm reception to your service/product
  2. Your high quality sales team has high activity without corresponding results
  3. All of your direct competitors that offer similar services/products aren’t ‘crushing it’
  4. Your company is unable to succinctly articulate its value prop for a specific target
  5. Your product team is over-engineering the product at the request of salespeople
  6. Your close rate lags behind the industry's close rate (e.g. industry adoption rate) for similar services
  7. You’re constantly changing sales strategy, not tactics, in hopes of driving more revenue
  8. Upon prospect pushback your first impulse is to reduce the price to try and close a deal
  9. You’re reducing the price and still not closing more deals
  10. Your top producers began to leave for other jobs
Jamail Carter